2005 - A year of growth

The creation in 2005 of the National Water Group is a cause for celebration. Like-minded operators decided the time had come to join forces and form the most powerful irrigation group in Australia.

The year began with the continuation of a severe drought which affected the whole of the Australian continent with the exception of Western Australia. Substantial rainfall brought some relief to the worst affected areas around mid-year and the prospects of a reasonable winter crop in New South Wales and southern Queensland has lifted spirits in the farming community.

However, it is clear that the drought is by no means over. Many producers and growers will take insurance by investing in irrigation technology in order to overcome predicted aridity.

The challenges ahead
will be met

Facing the disastrous consequences of climate change, Australian farmers were vulnerable to the pressures of market demand for irrigation equipment. This is where the formation of the National Water Group comes into play. The purchasing power of the group is a stabilising factor in the price of imported equipment.

Domestic and foreign consumers who rely on Australian farm produce will increasingly depend on the success or failure of irrigation technology. There are many challenges ahead of both retailers and users of irrigation equipment and, for its part, the National Water Group will meet these challenges head-on.